Anonymous asked:
to be honest i do agree with some things you are saying about the popular blogs not being nice to some people who get things wrong but i also dont like how you are saying that EVERYONE in the fandom are like that. im a complete boosh blog, im not popular but im not unpopular either and i am very nice to anyone to contacts me and when i see incorrect information i dont correct them because i know its probably and honest mistake. i know where you are coming from but dont class us all as rude

you’re completely right, and i apologize. no, not all blogs are rude, and sorry if i offended anyone else.

Anonymous asked:
I'm sorry you've have a rough go in the fandom. I don't really belong to it myself, it seems very closed off. but I love the Boosh so much - I think your blog is awesome :)

Thank you.

It is an extremely closed off fandom. And I think I pissed off one of the “popular” blogs today by expressing my feelings, causing them to post about it.

But it just further proves my point from earlier.

But I do love the boosh and that will never change. The blog will continue to have posts when there’s news and I will continue to fill the queue every now and then. But, I won’t be as active of a part of the fandom anymore.

If anyone wants to follow my personal blog, send me an ask and I will gladly give you the url :)



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